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A Chinese Spy. Twitter Famous. Trolls. Call Me.

Here’s a shortlist of articles that caught my attention over the past week. But first, a preview of a
Peter Brack
A Chinese Spy. Twitter Famous. Trolls. Call Me.
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Here’s a shortlist of articles that caught my attention over the past week. But first, a preview of a post I’m writing:

Preview FWIW✏️
I’m still working on this but here’s a preview. When it’s finished I’ll submit to a few publications as an OpEd in the context of Trump/Russia. 
I Was Recruited By A Chinese Spy And It Was No Big Deal
So, I just found out that a Chinese spy tried to recruit me as an asset. In 2003 to be exact. And I just confirmed it, in 2017. I had suspected that she was spying for someone - my colleagues and I had joked about it at the time - but I could never really put my finger on why I had that suspicion. There certainly wasn’t a big, dramatic event with a car chase and getaway. And that’s the point. Being recruited as an asset by a foreign spy is often no big deal. It’s not like they tell you, “Hey, I’m a spy! Want to help me conduct espionage?”
Since there was no real chase, I’ll cut to the proverbial one: I never became an asset to that spy. You know why? Because I had enough sense to know that something wasn’t right, and I bailed on the relationship. How exactly? I just got “busy,” and a little bit flaky, and she moved on. Given that my home and my office in Beijing were near hers, and our social circles slightly overlapped, I saw her from time to time over the years. I’d wave hello or make small talk at a cocktail party every so often, just to be polite. And again, I didn’t know she was a spy back then - I just knew that I didn’t want to be associated with her.
There’s a certain amount of common sense required to function in life; Don’t walk when the light is red. Don’t put your hand under the faucet when hot water is pouring out.
And when doing business overseas, some judgment comes in handy. There are certain things that you just need to know - if you don’t, you’ll certainly figure them out pretty quickly, either the easy way or the hard way… 
To be continued…
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